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redoubt fort

Built between 1808-1810 to protect the Port of Harwich on the East coast of England. It was for the purpose of defense from Napoleon Bonaparte and his invading armies. Originally it started with 10 cannons and over the years with the progression of gun technology it upgraded to heavier and more efficient cannons and added quick fire guns. During world war 2 the fort was used as a detention centre for British troops awaiting a trial. Some of the graffiti the soldiers did on the wall can still be seen in some of the rooms today. Following World War 2 the fort was used for some time by the British civil defense, after that it was disbanded and was never used as a military fort again. Today it is a museum with restorations continuing to bring the fort back to its former glory.


One of the most well known and regular spirits witnessed by visitors and staff is that of a headless soldier. The story goes that one of the cables that was attached to a heavy cannon, to keep it in place, suddenly snapped and decapitated the nearby soldier. He is often seen walking the grounds of the fort carrying his head in his arms, fancy seeing him for yourself? Join us. Many people have also seen the figure of a shabby man lurking around, whats his story? Shadowy figures are also seen peering out of the fort’s windows. Strange sounds have also been heard like mysterious noises, unexplained footsteps, low mumbling, eerie whistling and distant voices. Also the frequent voice of a woman can be heard talking. 


We have our own medium to accompany as all night. We provide transport to the destination if required. We Provide snacks and refreshments throughout the night. You can also use our equipment through the night.


Date: 25th Febuary, 27th May and 18th August

Time 8:00pm – 3:00am

Price–£45 (With Transport)

Price–£35(Without Transport)

redoubt fort
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