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Gloucester Ghost Walks  

Gloucester Museum

The museum was opened on March 12th 1860 during the Victorian times much longer history has been found on this site. In the Roman times it was part of the edge of the city. The nearby Greyfriars would have had its graveyard very nearby and there is evidence of a roman burial site in the area too. It was originally the Price Memorial Hall of Gloucester Science and Art Society. It was built for Margaret Price as a memorial to her husband Edwin Price in 1893. The museum was originally a ground floor building and a second floor was added in 1958.


Geroge the ghost is one of the most well known and friendly spirits the frequent the museum, he has a medieval appearence with a hooded outfit. He is known to pop out at staff and make them jump. The buiulding is said to be so haunted that some of the staff members refuse to go into certain areas of the museum. Doors opening and closing on thier own, footsteps and strange noises have been reported. See what other spirits we can connect with on our investigation.


Snacks and drinks are provided throught the night, also any use of our equipment is permitted. We also have our own medium that will be joining us on the night.


Date: 14th Jan

Time 9:00pm-3:00am


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