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This house is well known for being one of the UK’s most haunted houses. It is reputed to be haunted by some of the world’s most violent poltergeists. This house has seen people fleeing in terror and is feared by many. It was abandoned in the 70’s by the family who left after the horrific treatment of their daughter Diane.


Many things occurred before this incident almost immediately after the family moved in. Chalk like dust fell from the middle of the room in mid air, Pools of water appeared on the kitchen floor, upon cleaning them more suddenly appeared. unexplained things such as green foam appearing from the taps and toilet even when the water was turned off, lights being turned on and off, plants leaping out of their pots and landing on the stairs, cupboards shaking violently, photos beings slashed and an endless list of objects being thrown and levitating including a solid oak sideboard. This was the work of Fred, named by the family, they had got a priests in to perform exorcisms but were unsuccessful, Fred would interfere by slapping people in the face, shoving people down the stairs and making holy water seep from the walls. The family were forced to leave after their daughter had a terrifying experience. As she was exiting adolescence the activity reached a new high. Diane’s long hair suddenly stood up on end followed by her being dragged kicking and screaming up the stairs leaving her traumatised with visible finger marks on her throat. Many more recent occurrences have happened and continue to happen even though the house is empty. Join us for the night on what we hope will be a fantastic haunt.


Snacks and drinks and transport included in the price. Sleepover for the night. Takeaway evening meal and breakfast will be provided by us. We also have our own personal medium who will be there with us through the night. You will also get to use all of our equipment on the night.


Date: 30th March 

Time 5:00pm – 10am

Price-£65 (With Transport)

Price-£55 (Without Transport)


overnight investigation

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